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Women & Money Class

Enjoy this clip from my "Women & Money" Class

The FULL Class along with Handouts 
is available as a course for $22!

This class is PACKED with a lot of information, so be ready to take notes and screenshots. 

In it, I discuss:

  • Cultural, Societal and Familial Money Influences

  • Money Mindset 

  • Tracking Your Spending

  • Creating a Spending Plan

  • Leveraging Debt as a Tool

  • Credit Reports & Scores

  • Protecting Your Assets 

  • Giving Yourself Permission

  • Taking Baby Steps

  • Resources to help you along the way

  • And more!

You also get handouts to practice creating a better relationship with your money:

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Worksheet

  • Know What You Owe Debt Log

  • Tracking Your Expenses Journal Questions

  • Facts on Credit Reposts & Scores

  • Formatted Budget Spreadsheet Template

  • Notes Pages

  • And More!


Need more help? Get coaching, teaching and accountability with me. Book a free consultation for coaching and we'll work together on your money blocks, mindset, credit report, spending plan and overall financial future.


Book a free consultation to discuss Mindset, Marketing and Money Coaching.

We will work together for 6 or 10 weeks to dig deeper into your financial life and other areas you find challenging. It's all connected...

Women and Money Screenshot 4.jpg

The topic of money, and especially women and money, is triggering to say the least. Money is not a topic that most families discuss in a positive, stress-free and non-emotional manner. 

Money creates a lot of emotions in us and it's just one area where we have to learn to detach and view it and ourselves in light of the truth.

We must identify money blocks and examine our mindset and how we've been influenced and indoctrinated in the past so we can stop the self-sabotage to create positive change.


Change comes with facing the problems, making decisions on how to move forward and consistently practicing new mindsets and behaviors.

Baby steps are still steps. You can do this. Remember to be kind to yourself.

And go to the blog for the money book recommendations then book a free consultation for money coaching! 

We'll meet each week for 1 hour and you have additional access to ask questions and get help between each session. 

There are additional worksheets and tools and the information they expose will be unpacked together!

No judgement here. "Nobody's free until everybody's free." - Fannie Lou Hamer.

You get to create a future of self-love, self-trust and self-worth and practice these new rhythms while I'm right alongside you.

You will embody that making, creating and having money is for YOU. (not just "them")

Let's work together for 6- or 10-weeks to get your financials and other areas of life together! 

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