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1:1 Life Coaching

Currently, I offer a 10-week, one-on-one coaching program focused on 3M's - "Mindset, Marketing and Money." We work on your mindset for your life and business, marketing your business the way that YOU want (not the way everyone tells you) and stewarding money in a way the benefits you, your passions, your community and your legacy.

I would love to come alongside you and "MPower" you to create a beautiful change in your life and business - mind, body and spirit.


Digital Marketing
Strategy Partnership

You're a women-owned brand and you need someone to provide you with a easy and executable strategy for an event, a campaign or a launch. Or, you need a content strategy that integrates your email/SMS marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, ads, and website.


You also have a budget and you need a plan that you can edit, copy and paste or hand over to a virtual assistant to execute it on your behalf.

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Marketing Strategy Session

This is 1.5-hour "health check." I'll help you with the strategies and tools to get you one your way to your goals. When scheduling, you'll answer some questions and I'll prepare before our meeting so we can maximize our time. I may also send an email with some additional questions.


We want to get you some wins, which helps to motivate you to keep going, gain your rhythm and get consistent while you reach your goals. You'll also get a follow-up 30-minute session to ask questions and get additional support.

From $250.00

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