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Transitions [Niching Down Pt. 2]

God is always taking us through changes. He never changes, but we should and we do. It’s been 6 months since my last “transitions” blog post and the process is ongoing.

It’s an intense, yet rewarding, feeling when healing begins and I start to see progress in my outlook, my psyche and my actions. It’s intense, because there is a lot of inner work to do – asking questions and answering them, revisiting places in the past and taking time to feel all the emotions and then taking time to do something different to rest my mind like watch a comedy, read or take a long, hot shower in the middle of the day.

After reading my post from September 2020, I realize how far I’ve come but it's been HARD (hence, the GIF below, 🙃). I’ve revised my website services page from a generalized list, which was okay when I first started this journey, to my niched services that are under the digital marketing umbrella. I still love helping entrepreneurs with documents and processes but my interest and skills are so much more than just “admin.”

I’m not only embracing my own “zone of genius” and empowering others to get in and stay in their zones, but I'm also enjoying who I am! I believe in myself, my talents, my gifts and my skills fully now and I’m more purposeful about self-care so I can show up strong for my family and my clients.

No longer a lone ranger – I embrace getting help via collaborations, coaches and chats with “angels” who cross my path to give me a WORD. 🙌🏾 And I'm writing again, regaining my voice and getting better in my email marketing and content marketing crafts.

In all honesty, getting to the point of allowing myself to heal has taken years, since I left my last full-time corporate position in 2016, in fact. Racism, discrimination and microaggressions from people in leadership in addition to departmental instability and many other things almost broke me. Key word – almost.

Now, I know these years of internal and external trials were meant to bring me here. I look back and realize I am so much better, stronger and wiser for all that God has brought me through!

So, wherever you are in your journey, keep going. Do the hard work. Ask for help and surrender yourself to the process of personal growth. Some things stay the same but when we grow there are a lot of changes, as well.

And as we near the end of Q1 2021, I’m thankful to be in a good space – still a hard place – but good nonetheless. In this space is growth, creativity, clarity, expectation and excitement over what I've accomplished and what is to come. Most importantly, I'm experiencing my word for 2021, JOY!

Still in process,


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