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Thursday Thoughts on a Throwback

Thanks to Google, I got this #throwbackthursday reminder of a time before entrepreneurship. I’ve always been a teacher. As a lifelong learner, I love to share my knowledge with others. Everything, to me, can be turned into a teachable moment.

I looked at this picture and thought about how I gave my all to make this organization look good. I thought about how I gave my ideas that turned into profitable campaigns…and how I never got compensated for it.

The ideas that were cultivated and that I gave to a company that didn’t appreciate it, is what I now give to brands that make a difference in their communities.

Entrepreneurship has given me the “agency” that I’ve sought for so long. I realize now that it couldn’t be given by someone else. I had to do it for myself. (Thank you to my FABULOUS coach!)

And the funny thing is, as I looked at that picture, I also thought of how at that point in my life, I never would have expected to start my own business. I never thought about entrepreneurship at that time. I was “content” with being an employee (“content” meaning that I was comfortable, but still wanted more with my life, because I knew I had more to give to the world).

I look at that picture now, and I think about how my whole life (and the life of those connected to me) has changed.

I feel such thankfulness to be where I am now.

Although I loved facilitating those financial education workshops and counseling people to better their financial positions, I worked in a very toxic environment. It got to the point where I cried sometimes before I went into the building.

Now, I don’t. Hallelujah!

Although I wanted to stay there and grow and continue to change people’s financial lives, I couldn’t, because there was a ceiling in place that I couldn’t break through.

I look at that picture and realize that one of the beauties of entrepreneurship is that I’m limitless now.

I have the power to create the life I want to live. And I help co-create that power for other women-owned businesses.

The ideas and strategies that I had for them don’t compare to the results from ideas and strategies that I implement to bring awareness and revenue to brands who have a story and mission to change something or make something better in this world.

If you are a woman-owned brand that believes in your product, but you need additional help to elevate your content, amplify your message and connect more with your audience, let's work together to get you the results you need to grow. You're limitless, too. Contact me today.

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