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Sometimes, You Have to Encourage Yourself

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Do you write notes to yourself? I have notes everywhere sticky notes, in notebooks, on note pads, on my cork board and my dry erase boards. The trick is to consolidate, which I try to do when things start getting out of hand!

Last week, I decided to do a little clean up. I was feeling a little down and a little stuck.

I also received some new information and revelations about people with whom I had closely worked. I was hurt and disappointed, even as I celebrated the lesson learned and the confirmation I already had in my spirit.

And then there were the family concerns that piled on.


I started coaching myself through the feelings of betrayal and solidified my resolve, but I also needed to encourage myself. Because both are necessary along this journey.

So I cleared my desk and then got my notepad to go over the plans for the second quarter of 2022 that I made in December 2021.

I needed to remind myself that I knew what I was doing, that I should continue to stick to the plan and that my work (big steps, baby steps and in-between) is always working.

After clearing my space (and also my head), I did a reset. And 10 sheets through my notepad, I found a letter I wrote to myself during my winter rest and planning period.

It helped me more than I thought it would, especially since I kind of forgot about it! I'm sharing it here, in case it helps somebody. I sooooooo needed this energy!

(Full text below images)

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12/27/2001 5:00pm

"Dear Melissa,

I'm so proud of you! You've done an amazing job this year. You've committed to becoming the persons/versions of yourself that you need to be to continue learning, growing and acting on the things you know and learn. You trust The Processor & His process & give yourself grace.

You've overcome many obstacles. You have survived and you're learning to THRIVE! You are unlearning the toxic thinking & patriarchal way of living. You are learning to BE - unapologetically. And you believe that you are enough. You trust yourself and your brilliance. You believe God! He favors you & your heart is His. (He never says No to you.)

You increased your income. You learned to rest. You've learned to talk nicely to yourself and to FEEL all of the emotions. You've learned that 'there is no fear in love,

for [God's] perfect love demolishes every fear.'

Your safe space is your own satisfaction with yourself & your purposes and your work. You love to challenge yourself so keep doing it! You are limitless because God is your

Source for All things!

Embrace the "ABUNDANCE" If 2022 & beyond. You know what to do. You deserve it. Build upon the solid foundation of a GREAT & LASTING legacy.

Because you ARE building a legacy. You've set a strong foundation (always on Christ) for your personal, family and business life. Continue to trust your intuition (Holy Spirit) and move forward in obedience to all you have been given - both now & in the future.

Focus on what's important to you. Talk nicely to yourself. Believe that you are a great mom & you've done well with what you've been given. Gabrielle and Christian are beautiful, smart & amazing. They both are the Lord's.

What an amazing year! You have outdone your own expectations & 2022 will be abundant. It's already done.

Celebrate yourself your accomplishments. Continue to be grateful & enjoy God in you, with you and for you as you do His will & really, really LIVE!

Encourage the Brethren."

Write some notes to yourself. You just don't know when you may need them the most...Melissa