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Social Media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track

I’m in “planning mode” and I wanted to share some social media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you should be tracking. These are just the tip of the iceberg, but they’re a good start to prevent getting overwhelmed by data:

1. Engagement. Measure the number of clicks, shares, comments, and profile visits. Look at the percentage increase or decrease from the month prior. (Pro Tip: You want to see which content engaged your followers the most so you can recreate the thought, theme, idea or even repost it months later!)

2. Reach. Are you reaching new audiences? And then, to the point above, are you engaging them? You can also look at each piece of content to find out which one(s) reached the most of your audiences (through followers vs. non-followers reach; video reach, stories reach, posts reach, reels, live video…).

3. Total Followers. If your goal to increase followers? (Not every business needs to have that as a goal, you know?) But if it is, you must track this progress. As your content reaches new audiences and engages them, your followers grow and hopefully, your customers will, too!

4. Leads and Customers. Is your content and are the platforms you’re working with impactful in generating leads and revenue? How much traffic is going to your website, booking consultations and converting into paying customers?

There is so much more to track, but these three are good gauges of the quality of your content. These will also help you determine which content works best for your target audience and therefore, which ones you should keep providing! Put your messages out there and refine, through analyzing your data, as you go along.

Contact us if data and analytics are not your forte. We’d love to help you identify ways to grow your business through strategic social media marketing that works in alignment with your business goals and other marketing channels.

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