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Should You Add an Email Marketing Strategy?

First, let’s say that depending on where you are in your business, you may not even need an email marketing strategy. When you’re starting out you have other things to think about (A LOT of other things) as you try to establish your business in the marketplace.

I’m guilty! I love email marketing. But I started sending emails, then stopped. I had clients, life happened and so I decided to focus on building my business reputation. Email marketing for my own business was something I knew I would start doing consistently, at the proper time, but it wasn’t my focus. I was focused on referrals and social media marketing and I was also gaining my confidence in entrepreneurship.

So, you may be focused on other things right now in your business – and that’s okay. But when you’re ready, definitely consider adding email marketing to your overall plan.

Use Email Marketing to Elevate

Our marketing can always be better. Email marketing gives you a low-cost way to generate leads, make sales, get more web traffic and utilize direct access to your customers. Consistency builds trust in your brand, your expertise and your products and services. Email marketing makes good business sense.

Use Email Marketing to Amplify

Email marketing is a way to amplify your brand – your brand voice, your brand story, your brand offers. You are able to build awareness of all the facets of your brand. You can stay top of mind with customers that believe in you, outside of the noisiness of social media and the cost of paid ads to stay visible.

Use Email Marketing to Connect

You control the narrative. You decide what you what to say, what information you want to obtain, how often you communicate, etc., etc. You can also connect with new audiences by actively growing your email list.

Email marketing is great way to reach your potential and recurring customers. You can definitely develop “fans” of your business through email marketing – your customers can share an email to friends and family and it has all the links to your website and products for easy access. And you have freedom and control over your messaging.

Use Email Marketing to Get the Best ROI

Lastly, with all of the other channels of marketing you access, email marketing is the most personal…and the most lucrative. What a great ROI (around 4200%)!

What is preventing you from implementing an email marketing strategy? Let me know in the comments, send me an email or book a 1.5 Marketing Strategy Session to talk about how you can implement an Email Marketing Strategy that works for you and your business. You’ll get ideas on how to get started, what to include, tips on automations, repurposing and integrating email marketing with your other marketing channels.

If you’re tired of DIY, book a free consultation to partner with me!

Elevate. Amplify. Connect.