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Niching Down...

I kept hearing, "Find Your Niche" and although it made sense, I didn't know what my "niche" was when I started my virtual assistant business! I wanted to serve everyone who wanted my talents and I'm sure many VAs start out (and possibly continue) the same way.

Well, after a few months of being a full-time business owner, I realize a niche is necessary. I also realize that niching down is a PROCESS.

I’m the one who wants to do things right the first time so I felt uptight when I started my business because all through my research, I read about targeting a certain group or industry or narrow down services. But, I just couldn’t decide on a particular et of services because my brain likes variety! It likes to be purposeful (and busy) and I love to serve others in any way I can.

However, after a few months in full-time business, God took me through a process of getting to know myself. The month of August was a “be still” moment where I really focused on what lights me up out of all the things that I know how to do.

For the month of September, I took the Clifton Strengths test, the Enneagram test and a personality test. I'm also focused on completing 30 days of self-care, which is helping me be aware of who I am, what I want, what I like, where I’m going, etc…

Because “life happens” and we lose a little bit of ourselves in the journey sometimes.

It was only after doing these tests, being quiet and acknowledging the things I don’t like to do that I’ve been able to focus more on what I do want to do. I’m niching down into digital marketing and virtual event management with some more changes to come down the road.

So, if you’re new to the VA/Freelance world, you’re restarting your business, you’re growing a business or you’re hitting a lull, know that we all go through stages of discovery and transition.

If you haven’t chosen a niche, no worries! Just as you refine your processes as you get further in business, you will also start to see where you fit best and with whom.

Niching down will come, if that’s what you desire. Just be patient with the process...


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