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March Theme: Occupational Wellness

Updated: Mar 10

March’s theme is “Occupational Wellness.”

Occupational Wellness is when you are living with passion, purpose and ease in your chosen profession. You use your gifts, skills and talents in your occupation and you are open to explore and pursue opportunities that aligns with your needs for satisfaction, enrichment and meaning through your work.

Happy Women's History Month!

What is your attitude about your work? How do you feel in your work? Do you find your work rewarding? Inspiring? Motivating?

How about work-life harmony?

Salary and income?

Managing stress? Dealings with coworkers and teams?

What tools do you use to help you continue to nourish yourself and your occupational desires? What supports do you lack currently?

I ask a lot of questions, I know. I ask questions of myself – constantly.

It’s okay if the answers are vague at first. It’s okay if you can’t find the word(s) for how you feel about what you do. It’s okay if you feel a little, “Meh.”

Keep digging. NOW is the time to examine it.

With the new season loading and fresh energy blowing through, we're taking time this month to review our satisfaction and goals in the area of occupational wellness.

What would you like to change and what can you do now towards those goals and dreams?

Take a step.

In addition to the questions above, here are some more journal prompts to try this month:

1. If you can, take a Personality Test or Clifton Strengths test ($) or revisit the data from ones you've done before.

2. What are your top 5 strengths? How can you build upon them?

3. Did anything surprise you?

4. Did anything deeply resonate with you?

5. Where have your gifts, talents, skills and strengths shown up in your past occupation(s)? Current work?

6. Where do you envision these showing up in your future career/work/business plans?

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Let me know if you need help. I offer 1:1 life coaching for 3-, 6-, and 10-weeks. If you’re a little unsure of the next steps to take. I’d love to talk to you, ask you some questions, give you tools and information that will help you along the way. I will encourage you to just do the next thing and then the next and the next…

And check out this resource: Women Connected in Wisdom: Stories and Resources Rooted in the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. My business bestie, Shamika, is an author now and her story about her spiritual wellness journey is the last one in the book!

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