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Healing & Mindset Affirmations (Confirmations) for Life & Business

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

This is a mix of what I've received from others, came up with myself, modified, etc. Take what you need, change anything to fit you and your life, and share the rest.

  1. I love, care for and appreciate how God made me. (my definition of "self-love")

  2. I am feeling my emotions. I seek out the lies and then tell myself the truth.

  3. I am trusting my intuition & let it flow.

  4. I am learning to not penalize myself as I am paid well for my brain.

  5. I celebrate myself often.

  6. I will do it, imperfectly.

  7. I release people and things that can't go into my "next."

  8. I care for myself by honoring and protecting the asset - ME!

  9. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

  10. It's okay to begin again. Sometimes I must deconstruct to reconstruct.

  11. What's for me, is for me and it won't miss me.

  12. It is safe to be seen.

  13. I stand up and act on what matters to me.

  14. I create systems that support me and my rhythms.

  15. I am aware of what's really worth my energy.

  16. BELIEVE. Everything is possible to the one who believes.

  17. Take a step.

  18. My needs and desires are important. They are aligned with God's will for me.

  19. I am aligning my brain and my body so both are strong, safe and supported.

  20. I belong wherever I am.

  21. I am always Divinely supported at all times.

  22. I love and accept all parts of me. I embrace radical self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

  23. I am responsible for growing my business.

  24. I am and have everything I need.

  25. I am an excellent steward of money, connections and other resources.

  26. I make money even when I'm not actively selling.

  27. All things work for my good and God's glory.

  28. It's already working.

  29. I am a confident communicator.

  30. I am powerful and capable.

  31. I trust myself, my timing and my processes completely now.

  32. I am grounded and rooted in goodness and joy.

  33. "I am different. I am an original. And like everyone else, I am here to take up space in the universe." - Shonda Rhimes

  34. I am open to receiving guidance in unexpected ways.

  35. I am not settling for anything. I know what I want and I know my worth.

  36. I give myself permission to embrace my passions.

  37. I can do hard things.

  38. I am solving for joy and my values.

  39. Healing is not linear, nor is business growth.

  40. I won't let bullshit, ungodly or oppressive rules stop me.

  41. I say "YES" to what feels right and "NO" to what doesn't.

  42. "No." is a complete sentence. I can choose to elaborate if I want...or not.

  43. It's oaky to make other people uncomfortable.

  44. I trust the process because I know and trust the Processor.

  45. I'm amazing (AF).

  46. I acknowledge the injustices that have happened to me. But I am not my trauma.

  47. I am gentle and tender with myself.

  48. I have AGENCY.

  49. I create my own safe within myself.

  50. I am aligned with God. I release all control. I am open to ALL the opportunities He has for me.

  51. I am worthy of care.

  52. I consider and care for myself, my joy and my rest.

  53. I am enough.

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