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Happy "Make History" Year!

Coming out of December feels different this year. The difference is rest. I actually took time to rest and I don’t feel in a rush. Instead, I feel an ease as I continue to process all that occurred and review what I created in 2021.

2021 was hard (and there was so much heartbreak!) but more than that, there were lessons learned, successes to celebrate, family moments, reconnections made with old friends - and so much more - to appreciate. #thankful

This social media post was a little premature (click on the image or read the celebration list!). I actually collected more by the December 31st (to make it a 32.57% increase in revenue vs. 2020!) and I want to say THANK YOU! because without you allowing me to serve you with my brain and skills, my business wouldn’t exist.

I appreciate every email opened, every share, every referral, every like and every time I get repeat clients. It makes me really happy to have the ability to grow together. I get the chance to be creative and see how your businesses grow due to the relationships we create with your audiences. 2022 will bring more changes in my business. I’m back in the office and focused on sustainability this year, along with branching out into different areas – other business and product ideas I’d like to test out. And in spite of all that is occurring around us with the “thing that won’t leave us alone,” I’m hopeful. I hope you are, too. And I hope you make celebration a practice. It'll help you stay focused. One thing I forgot to put on my celebration list was that I made history last year with the My Founder’s Story Women’s grant campaign. Remember? They had an unprecendented amount of votes and took days to count them all!

WE made history because y’all showed OUT and voted for me! (ME: the one with the LEAST amount of social media followers out of the 4 finalists. And we came sooooo close!!!)

Let’s do that again in some way this year, too. I think I’ll add it as one of my goals for 2022 - Make History.

We'll see what we can create by year’s end. Happy “Make History” Year!

I pray abundant blessings to you in every area of life for 2022 and beyond!

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