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Grace for Gratitude and Grief

I preached a message one recent Sunday based off of how I had been feeling. That week, a couple of incidents occurred that blanketed me with grief.

I chose transparency and talked about it in my #SundayMessage. Because many times, the lesson God provides is not only for me, it is also for others who are experiencing the same things.

Here is an excerpt to encourage you if you are feeling the same...

In the scripture text, Ezra 3:10-13, gratitude and grief are coexisting in the same space. Deeply felt and with tears. We feel that way sometimes, don’t we? Sometimes there is a deep, soul or gut-felt gratitude that results in weeping and praise. And then there is the deep, soul or gut-wrenching grief that results in weeping and release.

Both can bring us closer to God. Both, if we allow them their place and space, teach us about life, our existence and the grace of God.

God gives us grace for both gratitude and grief.

Gratitude is the season right now. This month is designated, among other things, as National Gratitude Month. Thanksgiving just passed and into the holiday season we go with what’s called the Season of Miracles. But this season (and at other times) brings grief, as well.

But gratitude is a daily practice. It is a daily and sometimes moment-by-moment experience and expression. We don’t have to wait for anything spectacular or miraculous to happen because we already have so much to be thankful for!

We are here, alive and awake, we are here, given another chance to glorify God and be an example to those with whom we live and work and impact. This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

We are grateful. And we express that gratitude.

And there is also grief that must be felt and allowed in. Grieving hurts. Mourning hurts. Change hurts. The source of the hurt doesn’t matter, it hurts! It doesn’t feel good to mourn. There are reactions in our bodies and our brains when we experience loss, or change or shock or things like these.

We accept grief as a part of life but it doesn’t make it easier to process. But process it we must.

Change will come and so will sufferings. But we have faith in God. He gives us grace to expand and to deepen our relationship with him through both gratitude and grief.

We can get to the point that we can truly say that we consider that the sufferings of the present life are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us!

What grace God has given us to have the capacity to hold both! It is a beautiful paradox and an experience in human suffering and joy.

My prayer is that we continue to expand and hold space for both and for each other. And if we allow each other room, we will get through and rebuild together, as well.

God’s steadfast love endures forever. And His grace is sufficient in gratitude and in grief.

View/Listen to the entire message HERE. Let me know your thoughts and if it encourages you in this season.

Remember to intentionally care for yourself - mind, body and spirit.

And if you desire someone to come alongside you in a time of mixed emotions, send a message or book a free consultation.


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