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Facing Fears

Fear crushes our future. I posted my first Instagram video about facing fears because I needed to face my own fear - the fear of putting myself out there and actually talking to people in cyberspace. (Yeah, introvert over here!)

Some of you may know and others may not, but I spoke in front of crowds before as a Financial Education professional. I actually liked it because I held information that was helpful to others and I was confident in my knowledge. But for some reason, going live or doing a video for social media seemed daunting and I kept putting it off.

I overthink everything and in thinking about fear, I concluded that fear comes from the unknown, wanting to be accepted or even from our own minds building up mountains that aren’t there. We all want to be accepted in some fashion. And the unknown makes me a little anxious (I’m a learner and receiver of information so I like to KNOW). But God said to me that I’m already accepted in the Beloved and He knows ALL things.

And on the other side of fear are the things we have been waiting and praying for - deliverance, confidence, acceptance, strength, grit, love, power, expression and EVERYTHING else that propels us to the future that has been planned for our lives. I’m not letting fear hold me back anymore and you shouldn't either!

In addition to a month of continuing my self-care and emotional healing, October is #nofear month for me. Make it your no fear month, too.

Value yourself, your voice, your abilities, your offerings and everything else that you bring to the world. I believe in you and you should believe in yourself, too!

Be your authentic self without #fear. Do something today that you've been fearing and knock it out.

I will, too, and I’ll be rooting for you!

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