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Meet Melissa: A Multi-Passionate, Creative Entrepreneur with a Thing for Spreadsheets 

Melissa Gardner is a Minister, Life Coach, Digital Marketer and Liberation Artist who is passionate about people liberating themselves, through the power of God, from the things that affect their ability to be the person they are called to be in this world.

Melissa focuses on empowering people of faith to help live a life that is free to be and to do all that God has given them to do - with joy and care for themselves and for the collective. Melissa teaches and speaks from the perspective that we are enough and we have been given everything that we need to accomplish our purposes in this life. She wants to help as many as possible realize this and live in it. A polymath, Melissa uses her knowledge, skills and intuition to connect people with the wealth of insights, resources and tools they need, but don't have, along with helping them build the mindset to skillfully power their marketing and their money for life and business.


Always reading, listening, learning and testing, Melissa is committed to lifelong learning and seeks to master any topic she sets her mind to. This is a part of her "creative multi-passionate-ness" which gives her the unique ability to love a lot of things, take in a lot of information quickly and connect seemingly different things into useful and impactful information and resources that helps the people she serves.


Melissa also partners with women brands to create strategies that help them grow. She is the "missing piece" that business owners need to get a view from the outside and she encourages conversation so she can to get to know the particular needs and goals of a business and then creates or elevates a plan to help spur growth and success. With a varied career spanning over 25 years in industries from retail management to marketing communications to banking, program management and business development, Melissa seeks that her clients gain the knowledge that empowers them to believe in themselves and that helps them execute marketing strategies with ease, producing outstanding personal and business results.

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